Exploring 日吉 台 小学校: A Glimpse into the Learning Experience

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日吉 台 小学校 (Hijidai Elementary School) is a public elementary school located in the Kanagawa Prefecture of Japan. The school is well-known for its holistic approach to education, focusing on the overall development of students. Established in 1953, the school has a long history of providing quality education to its students.

Location and Facilities

The school is located in the Hijidai district of Yokohama city, surrounded by lush greenery and beautiful landscapes. The school campus covers an area of 12,000 square meters, with separate buildings for classrooms, sports facilities, and administrative offices. The school has a well-stocked library, computer labs, music and art rooms, and a large playground for students to play and engage in physical activities.

Curriculum and Teaching Methodology

The curriculum at 日吉 台 小学校 is designed to provide a well-rounded education to students, covering academic, physical, and social aspects. The school follows the Japanese national curriculum, which includes subjects like mathematics, science, Japanese language, social studies, and English language. The teaching methodology is student-centered, with a focus on hands-on learning and interactive sessions. Teachers use various teaching aids and resources to make the learning process engaging and enjoyable for students.

Extracurricular Activities

日吉 台 小学校 encourages students to participate in various extracurricular activities, which help in their overall development. The school offers a range of clubs and activities, including sports, music, art, and cultural clubs. Students can choose to join any club of their interest and develop their skills and talents. The school also organizes field trips and excursions to provide students with practical learning experiences.

Community Involvement

The school values community involvement and encourages parents and guardians to participate in school activities. The school holds regular parent-teacher meetings, where parents can discuss their child’s progress and provide feedback. The school also organizes cultural events and festivals, where parents can participate and contribute to the school community.

Student Support

日吉 台 小学校 provides support to students who need extra help in their studies. The school has a counseling center, where students can seek guidance and support from trained professionals. The school also has a special education program, which provides support to students with special needs.

Admissions and Fees

The school admits students based on the Japanese national system, which considers the student’s place of residence and age. The school does not charge any tuition fees, making it accessible to students from all backgrounds.


日吉 台 小学校 is a renowned school in the Kanagawa Prefecture, providing quality education to students for over six decades. The school’s holistic approach to education, extracurricular activities, community involvement, and student support make it an ideal place for students to learn and grow. If you are looking for a school that values overall development and provides a nurturing environment, 日吉 台 小学校 should be on your list.