Discovering the Charm of 滋賀 県立大学 – A Comprehensive Guide

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Are you exploring your options for higher education in Japan? Look no further than 滋賀 県立大学, or Shiga Prefectural University.

Location and History

Founded in 1975, 滋賀 県立大学 is located in Hikone, Shiga Prefecture. The university has two campuses: the Hikone Campus and the Nagahama Campus. The Hikone Campus is located near Hikone Castle, a designated National Treasure, while the Nagahama Campus is situated near the shores of Lake Biwa, the largest freshwater lake in Japan.


滋賀 県立大学 is a comprehensive university with seven faculties and four graduate schools. The faculties are: Economics, Education, Engineering, Environmental Science, Humanities, Nursing and Social Welfare, and Law and Politics. The graduate schools are: Economics, Education, Engineering, and Humanities.

The university places a strong emphasis on research, and has established several research centers and institutes. These include the Center for Biomedical Engineering, the Center for Environmental Science and Technology, and the Institute for East Asian Studies.

International Programs

滋賀 県立大学 is committed to promoting international exchange and has established partnerships with universities around the world. The university offers several international programs, including exchange programs, short-term study programs, and summer programs.

The university also has an English-taught degree program in Environmental Science, which is open to international students.

Campus Life

滋賀 県立大学 has a vibrant campus life, with a wide range of clubs and organizations for students to participate in. These include cultural clubs, sports clubs, and academic clubs.

The university also has several facilities for students, including a library, computer rooms, and a gymnasium. The Hikone Campus has a cafeteria and a convenience store, while the Nagahama Campus has a restaurant and a coffee shop.


滋賀 県立大学 accepts both Japanese and international students. Admissions requirements vary depending on the program and faculty, but generally include a high school diploma or equivalent, and proficiency in Japanese or English.

The university also offers scholarships and financial aid for eligible students.


滋賀 県立大学 is a top-tier university in Japan, with a strong focus on research and international exchange. With its beautiful campuses, wide range of academic programs, and vibrant campus life, it is an excellent choice for students seeking a high-quality education in Japan.