Understanding「please find the attached file」や「please」in Relaxed Japanese Language

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When learning Japanese, we often come across phrases that are not commonly used in everyday conversation. However, there are also some phrases that are used quite frequently in relaxed Japanese language, such as 「please find the attached file」and 「please.」In this article, we will explore the meaning and usage of these phrases in detail.

What does 「please find the attached file」mean?

「Please find the attached file」is a phrase that is commonly used in email communication. It is usually used when the sender wants the recipient to open an attachment that has been sent along with the email. The phrase is often followed by the name of the file that has been attached. For example, 「Please find the attached file – Resume.pdf」.In Japanese, this phrase can be translated as 「添付ファイルをご確認ください」(tenpufairu wo gokakunin kudasai). This is a polite way of asking the recipient to check the attached file.

When to use 「please find the attached file」

「Please find the attached file」is usually used in formal or business emails. It is important to use this phrase when sending important documents or files that need to be reviewed by the recipient. Using this phrase shows that you are taking the communication seriously and that you value the recipient’s time and effort.

What does 「please」mean?

「Please」is a word that is commonly used in English to make a request or ask for something politely. In Japanese, the word 「ください」(kudasai) is used in the same way. However, the usage of 「please」and 「ください」is slightly different.In English, we often use the word 「please」at the beginning or end of a sentence to make a request or ask for something. For example, “Can you please pass me the salt?” or “Please pass me the salt.” In Japanese, the word 「ください」is usually added to the end of a sentence to make a request. For example, “塩を取ってください” (shio wo totte kudasai) means “Please pass me the salt.”

When to use 「please」

「Please」is a word that can be used in both formal and informal settings. In informal settings, it is often used between friends or family members to make a request politely. In formal settings, it is used when making a request to someone who is of a higher rank or status than you.


「Please find the attached file」and 「please」are phrases that are commonly used in relaxed Japanese language. Understanding the meaning and usage of these phrases is important for effective communication in both formal and informal settings. Whether you are sending an email or making a request in person, using these phrases can help you to communicate your message clearly and politely.