Momoiro Clover Z - Profile

Momoiro Clover Z - Profile

Momoiro Clover is a girls unit created by Stardust Promotion featuring Reni Takagi, Kanako Momota, Ayaka Sasaki, Shiori Tamai and Momoka Ariyasu. The group was first formed in Spring of 2008, and was named based on the concept of 'spreading happiness', and thus got the name 'Momoiro Clover' - where momoiro means 'pink'.

Their career began on the streets of Shibuya, but then in May of 2009 the team joined up with Yamada Denki to create the event 'Yamada Denki Presents ~Momoiro Clover Japan Tour 2009 Momoiro Typoon!~'. By the end of August the group had visited 24 stores and performed publicly at 104 locations all over Japan. Their first single, 'Momoiro Punch' was released in July 2009 and reached 11th place on the Oricon Daily Charts and 23rd on the Weekly Charts - just through event sales.

In November 2009 the group released their second single 'Mirai e Susume'. This single reached 6th place on the Oricon Daily Charts and 11th on the Weekly charts. The members of the group were becoming well known for their energetic and acrobatic dances. In May of 2010 the group had their major debut with the release of the single 'Ikuze! Kaitou Shoujo', which sold over 20000 copies and had the privilege of reaching #1 on the Oricon Daily Charts, and 3rd place on the Weekly Charts. The girls had finally established themselves as a major contender in the music scene of Japan.

In November 2010 the group joined with King Records and Starchild to release their 4th single, 'Pinky Jones'. This single reached 6th place on the Oricon Daily Charts and 8th place on the Weekly Charts. The composition for this single was done by NARASAKI from COALTAR OF THE DEEPERS, and had a more chaotic and lively vibe when compared to their previous songs. The group were developing the styles of music that suited them best, and the fans were right beside them to cheer along.

On December the 24th 2010 at the Japan Seinen theater the group had their first concert performance - in which all 1300 seats were sold out after just 30 minutes of public sales. The performance was released in DVD format in March the next year, along with the release of their next single 'Mirai Bowl', which reached 3rd place on the Oricon Weekly Charts. The girls began featuring in various magazines such as 'Quick Japan' which even started to attract attention from the mass media. During this time however, one of the original members of the group Akari Hayami decided she would be leaving the group after their second concert performance in April.

The group of six that were previously known as 'Momoiro Clover' had become five, and thus changed their name to 'Momoiro Clover Z", and with the new name became even more determined to continue the spirit that Momoiro Clover had given the world before. Their popularity is still soaring higher than ever before, and looks like it will continue to do so for some time to come!